Identify your energy portfolio,
challenges, and needs

Investigate the best opportunities
and options in todays market

Implement an energy plan that will provide you with real and measurable savings

About Us

First Innovative Power

was formed by a group of professional energy advisor's to provide their clients value through education, planning and execution. We have over 20 years of experience in every facet of the energy sector from wholesale market design and strategy to retail energy services.

Emerging as a leader in over-the-counter institutional energy brokerage in North America. We have quickly grown to establish ourselves as one of the premier energy brokerage and consulting firms in the industry. We provide multi-national corporations, institutional banks, oil companies, utilities, and energy marketers with a single comprehensive source for market liquidity, price discovery, market experience and intelligence.

We have been involved in the wholesale and retail electricity market since deregulation. Our advisor's have been instrumental in successfully negotiating and closing transactions from the short term to the long term, from the simple to the complex. Commercial and industrial customers include cities, municipalities, universities, hospitals, manufacturers, restaurants and retail facilities.

First Innovative Power

is an energy adviser whose primary focus is to maximize our client’s energy portfolio. Our proven Energy Plan provides an overall energy portfolio solution by delivering quantitative results to our clients and lowers energy costs by capturing the most competitive electricity rate, increases market understanding and provides a vehicle to negotiate customized energy agreements with Retail Electric Providers.

Our Energy Plan will help You:
  • Identify your energy portfolio, challenges and needs.
  • Investigate the best opportunities and options in todays market.
  • Implement an energy plan that will provide you with real and measurable savings.

Our mission is to assist our clients with their energy portfolios through detailed analysis, education and implementation. We educate and help our clients understand the market, their energy usage, energy efficiency opportunities and provide them with superior service. We strive to serve the interests of humanity as we serve our clients in reducing carbon through promoting energy conservation.

Our Services

Reasons For Using An Energy Broker

Our energy brokers are individuals who have extensive experience in the deregulated energy markets. Our brokers offer a service that compares at least fourteen energy rates with each other. They work to reduce the electric rate as the energy providers compete with each other based on the daily market. Electric companies provide us with competitive bids which reduce your rates through competition. The large volume of business we provide them as a broker gives you the best possible competitive rate. Electric companies bid lower to win your business and ultimately win the bid. This process often times will bring a rate lower then what you could achieve if you went through the same negotiation process yourself.

Customer Benefits

At First Innovative Power we are able to secure the best terms & conditions with maximum flexibility. Our team has proven energy experience and market knowledge. As your broker we conduct the necessary negotiations and due diligence to get you the best possible rate and options available. This allow you to focus on your core business.

First Innovative Power provides sourcing & evaluation of REPs(Retail Electric Providers), data consolidation, price and contract structuring, administration and management of bidding activity, and evaluation and selection recommendation.

Buyers that have found the process too burdensome and time-consuming look to First Innovative Power to organize and manage the RFP process for them. Many customers lack the expertise to negotiate the complexities of buying electricity in a deregulated, competitive market.

Letter of Authorization

Download the Letter of Authorization form. Fill it out and fax it back to 281.966.6952 to get started today.

Our Energy Plan

Our Energy Plan consists of:

  • Electricity Bill Analysis
  • Market Intelligence
  • Energy Efficient Opportunities
  • Transition Management of All Meters
  • Energy Audits • Lighting Retrofits
  • Custom Electricity and Natural Gas Agreement
  • Energy Providers Cost Comparison
  • Bill Verification for the Term of the Agreement
  • Maximize Savings by Eliminating All Billing Challenges

Power Purchasing Options

Power purchasing options vary according to a company's size, location, energy usage and appetite for risk. The five most common types of electricity pricing products are listed below. The first four products also apply to natural gas (with the exception of the blend and extend):

Fixed price-full Requirements
Companies that require budget certainty and cannot bear price risk will select a fixed price-full requirements pricing strategy. "Full requirements" implies that a customer must take delivery of all of the operation's power needs at a certain price rate. Most suitable for the vast majority of commercial and industrial companies. When you include the “Blend and Extend” option provided by many suppliers, this is most attractive. With this, the contract price can be renegotiated (if the market goes down) and the length of term extended.

Fixed Price Block with remainder at index
For companies willing to shoulder some risk but have concerns about letting 100 percent of their energy pricing ride on the index, a block-and-index combination is a good choice. This offers the option of reducing price, while mitigating the risk of variable pricing.

This product lends itself well to a growing business that can layer in additional electricity usage as the business expands. The company can lock in a fixed price up front for a portion of its load and pay the index price for the remaining volumes. This strategy also makes sense if the company wants to lock in portions of the contract price at various times, since the company can buy multiple blocks of power over time.

Index Buying
Average of spot market settlements over the delivery period. Most suitable for industrial companies that can shed load, manage power consumption, pass on the cost of electricity to their customers, or use a majority of their energy during off-peak hours.

Index with Fixed Price Trigger
This allows companies to play the market with the option of locking in a price at a later time. Most Suitable for those willing to bear the risk of paying an index price but also want to take advantage of any market dips to lock in a fixed contract price. Companies considering this option should be able to handle a moderate degree of risk.

Heat Rate
Companies typically choose a heat rate product when they want to pay market-based prices and power indexes in the market are not available, or they are not as transparent as gas prices. Heat rate products are most popular when gas prices are expected to decline. Most suitable for companies having a strong commodities hedging function, sometimes choose heat rate-based electricity supply contracts. These companies are looking for ways to tie their expenses to expected revenue streams.

Reasons for Changing Electric Providers

Maximum Savings
If you haven't switched yet, you are paying the highest price in the market. The competitive electric market in Texas means that you will have a number of choices for electric providers. As this emerging market unfolds, you can acquire excellent terms and significantly lower prices as new entrants into the market fight to establish market share. Even if you switched recently, it is highly likely that you can acquire even greater savings and better terms given the markets current conditions.

More Flexible Terms
You can enjoy 3 examples of value added terms:
1. Contracts with no consumption bands allowing for retrofit with no penalty for under-usage of electricity.
2. Flexible addendums that allow adding and deleting of facilities.
3. The addition of household to the commercial rate contract.

"Price to Beat" structure in Texas
The “Price-to-Beat” (PTB), is the price determined by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) for the incumbent electric utilities. If your facilities in aggregate have a total load of less than 1 MW in peak demand, and you have chosen to remain with your incumbent utility, it is the rate you are currently paying. It was designed to be the highest rate in the market in order to allow for new providers to enter the market and encourage competition. It is a variable or floating price which is dependent on the cost of fuel used to generate electricity (mostly natural gas), which can be adjusted twice a year.

Standard Offer Pricing: If your facilities in aggregate have a total load of greater than a 1 MW in peak demand, and you do not elect to choose a competitive supplier, it is the rate you are currently paying. Much like the PTB, Standard Offer Pricing is set by the PUCT, it is the highest rate in the market, and is designed to foster the competitive environment.

Emerging Market Opportunity
Participation in the deregulated environment will allow your company to capture a competitive advantage. If you don't and your competitor does, you are at a disadvantage. The competition created by deregulation and the resultant desire of the various REPs in Texas to sign up new customers, means potentially significant savings opportunities for your business. First Innovative Power can help to assess the variety of new products, and services available, and determine what makes the most sense for your specific needs.

New Products and Services
Creative pricing structures - a variety of new pricing options that provide you with increased flexibility. New flexible billing options. Custom tailored solutions for specific customer needs.

Our Executives

Richard Faas

Senior Executive Director
Richard has twenty one years experience as an Engineer Specialist in the energy sector, specializing in the testing and completion of oil and gas wells. Working with national and international companies over the years, he has become very adept at helping customers exceed their business goals.

He has worked in the deregulated electricity market in Texas since its inception in 2002, building long term client relationships on a personal level, understanding there needs, and helping to educate them to the ever changing electricity market.

Richard has great communication skills and customers find him extremely easy to talk to about their business needs.

Carmen Faas

Senior Marketing Director

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